Standards for quality

The Hippocratic Oath values are our motto and a satisfied patient – our goal. In New Medical MDC work professionals that are constantly enriching their qualification with the desire to provide you, the patient, with the highest standard of service.

Medical Prevention

With the fast-paced and filled with stress modern way of life the key to good health is medical prevention. If you wish to keep in touch with your general health condition, our prophylactic examinations are the best way to do it. Many employers take the initiative to take care of their employees and therefore our team is always available to aid with a top-grade quality service.

Online test results

In order to save you time and in our desire to be up to date with the dynamical modern world, we offer our patients the opportunity to check their laboratory results online. Please do bear in mind that if you wish your results to be professionally read you should contact your treating physician.

Check your results


If you wish to celebrate the holidays better looking and with higher confidence, New Medical MDC offers you a 10% discount for all chemical - peeling procedures. The procedures are suitable with every skin type.


Our team

The foundation to our success and our most valued resource is our team. The rich experience and the exceptional dedication of the New Medical doctors are the reason behind our high quality healthcare. That is why we constantly invest for the qualification of our doctors, for we are always determined to keep up with the latest trends in the always developing modern medicine.


We sincerely believe that the love for what we do is the key to success. Our passion is the patients’ health and for that purpose we offer comfortable environment. We use modern technologies and our team applies the finest medical practices.


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